Indium Corporation - Storage, Handling, and Shelf Life of Solder Preforms, Wire, and Ribbon

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Storage Conditions

Solder preforms, wire, and ribbon are manufactured and packaged to minimize oxidation. Since no container offers complete isolation from oxygen in ambient air, solder will slowly oxidize, which may result in a reduction in wetting. The rate of oxidation is proportional to the surface area, humidity, temperature, time, and available oxygen. High lead containing preforms are particularly sensitive to humidity.

Unopened containers of solder preforms should be stored at or below normal room temperature and under 80% relative humidity. Ordering frequency and package size should be adjusted to daily or weekly usage rates. A FIFO (first in, first out) inventory system should be practiced to insure proper stock rotation. Preforms should be used prior to the expiration date listed on the packaging label.

Containers should be opened just prior to use. Quickly return unused preforms to their original container. Return to a nitrogen dry box with the container opened to purge out oxygen...

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