Gordon Brush - How to Choose the Right Anti-Static Brush

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Every time you dry brush a surface, whether for cleaning, finishing or applying; a static charge is created. Tribo in the word triboelectric means rubbing. The effect of this charge can range from critical in staticsensitive environments like munitions plant where a static charge can be dangerous or lethal, to extremely serious when working with sensitive (and expensive) electronic components, to problematic throughout the world of manufacturing wherever non-conductive parts are machined or moved or ungrounded conductive parts or machined or moved.

Static charges come in very large packages. Walking across a carpet on a dry day wearing leather shoes will create upwards of 30,000v of static charge [the spark when you touch the light switch].

Frequently, the term "anti-static" is used as a generalization to encompass low charging, static dissipative and conductive properties. Each of these types of brushes has its own unique properties and recommended uses...

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