Fluke - Why Thermography Is Good For Your Business

Our thanks to Fluke Corp. for allowing us to reprint the following article.

Thermography used to be expensive, difficult, and primarily used by large industrial facilities and the military.

These days, it's become much more affordable, easier to use, and more broadly applied. That means your customers have heard of it.

It's a very impressive technology. Since the tool, a thermal imager, works by producing thermal (heat) pictures of the equipment, your customer can immediately see the benefits. In one pass through a facility, you can usually find at least one component about to fail. This makes for a powerful demonstration and an easy business builder.

Your advantage as a contractor is having broad experience with many types of equipment and failure scenarios-just like any other troubleshooting situation, the person behind the imager needs to draw on experience to help analyze the readings. If this part of the panel is hot, should I investigate the connections or the load?

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