Fluke - Troubleshooting More Than 200 Motors-and Those Plating Machine

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As a successful diversified manufacturer, CompX Waterloo in Ontario, Canada is well aware of the importance of the ongoing maintenance needs for the wide range of equipment within its facility.

But troubleshooting was a job that demanded a substantial amount of time and expense. When the company was given a Fluke Thermal Imager as part of an environmental award, it quickly discovered that it could perform troubleshooting duties much more efficiently and effectively, while reducing costs.

About CompX Waterloo

In business for more than 50 years, CompX Waterloo is a successful manufacturer of a wide range of products, from precision ball bearing slides to ergonomic products for office environments. Within the 275,000-square-foot (25,548-square-meter) facility it has more than 200 motors, along with a full inventory of production equipment, from plastic injection molding systems to plating machines...

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