Fluke - Top 6 places to look for energy losses in commercial buildings

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A considerable amount of energy loss is actually temperature related. Hot or cold air leaks from a building are an obvious issue. It took energy to heat or cool that air, and when it dissipates due to a leak, you've wasted that energy. But many other systems and pieces of equipment also manifest their wasted effort/energy in terms of heat.

Unlike regular digital cameras that capture images of the visible light reflected by objects, thermal imagers create pictures by detecting infrared energy or heat. The thermal imager then assigns colors based on the temperature differences it detects.

With a small amount of training, most people can readily spot abnormal heat flow patterns and follow the heat trail to energy waste. The technique works best when used by people who already possess a good working knowledge of the structures and systems being scanned and can better interpret the temperature variances they see on camera. A typical scan can show energy saving opportunities of up to 15 percent, with varying degrees of repair investments...

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