Fluke - Solving Electrical Problems With Thermal Imaging

Our thanks to Fluke Corp. for allowing us to reprint the following article.

This article describes how to identify problems within the electrical distribution system, both when trouble has already hit and in advance, through routine preventive maintenance.

Basic how-tos: Electrical load, safety, and emissivity

today's thermal imagers are rugged, easy to use, and much more affordable than even just a few years ago. That's making them a realistic solution for everyday electrical maintenance.

To use it, a qualified technician or electrician points the thermal imager at the equipment in question and scans the immediate area, looking for unexpected hot spots. The imager produces a live image of the heat emitted from the equipment. To capture a specific thermal image, squeeze the trigger. When the inspection is complete, upload the images to a computer for closer analysis, reporting, and future trending. While the imagers are easy to use, they are most effective in the hands of a qualified technician who understands electrical measurement and the equipment being inspected. The following three points are especially important...

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