Fluke Networks - What Factory Cable Testing Cannot Tell an Installer

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As the use of pre-terminated fiber becomes essential for high performance networks and new topologies in the datacenter, keeping the basic fiber fundamentals in mind will alleviate business, technology and performance issues.

Related to field terminated fiber cabling, factory terminated and tested fiber has better optical performance and fewer installation costs. The precision and consistency of factory terminated fiber cabling greatly improves the loss and reflection attributes of the connectors. Once delivered to the end-user, though, the installation process exposes the cable to stress and potential damage that is beyond the scope of any factory test. If installers and network owners take a few simple steps, they can avoid performance problems and ensure that the manufacturer’s warranties are upheld.

Problem and Solution Pre-terminated fiber is a true accelerator for datacenter fiber networking. Compared to conventional fiber it is faster to install, faster to change and when coupled with OM3/OM4 fiber it can support faster data rates. Combined with a variety of connector options, preterminated fiber assemblies are an attractive solution for enterprise storage area network (SAN) and datacenter networks...

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