Fluke Networks - Frontline Network Troubleshooting - Practical procedures and methods using the LinkRunner™ Network Multimeter

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When a network client goes down, a technician has the simplest job description around: make it work. In today's business climate, making it work quickly and economically is their top priority. In any network environment, giving technicians proper training, the right tools, and a solid methodology for using them makes network troubleshooting faster, saving technician time and getting network users back to productivity faster.

A troubleshooting mindset and methodology

The key to successful troubleshooting is for the technician to know how the network functions under normal conditions. This enables the technician to quickly recognize abnormal operation. Any other approach is little better than a shot in the dark.

Unfortunately, many networking products are not delivered with adequate performance specifications, theory of operation, or condensed technical data to aid in troubleshooting. The successful technician will thoroughly study whatever data is available, as well as develop in-depth insight into the function of all components and how to operate them. Finally, he or she will remember that conditions appearing to be serious defects are often the result of improper usage, configuration, or operator error...

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