Fluke Networks - Restoring a Hospital ’s Wireless LAN Back to Health

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Industry: Medical

Challenge: Wireless LANS provide a myriad of benefits in a hospital environment; however, deployment can be tricky due to unique challenges, such as building architecture, device interference, and security issues. And, when the wireless network in a hospital suddenly stops working, the consequences can be disastrous.

Solution: Fluke Networks "AnalyzeAir" Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer Results: Fluke Networks - AnalyzeAir allowed the user to quickly determine why the new patient monitoring system had suddenly failed. It immediately identified the type and exact location of the troublesome devices that were wreaking havoc on the wireless network.


When he left for home that night, the network engineer was no longer thinking about the wireless LAN (WLAN) deployment in the Critical Care Unit (CCU). That project had been completed almost two months ago and the patient monitoring systems were working perfectly. A few hours later, his phone started ringing off the hook and shortly after that, he was back at the CCU trying to figure out why the monitoring systems had suddenly stopped communicating on the WLAN...

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