Fluke - Make a Low-Cost Electrical Energy Audit Pay Off

Our thanks to Fluke for allowing us to reprint the following article.

If the idea of an "energy audit" sounds expensive, think again. Managing the amount of electrical energy a building or plant consumes is just good business. The expensive part is NOT taking action.

In this common-sense approach, you:

  • Identify your major loads (energy hogs)
  • Test to determine your energy consumption profiles
  • Find and fix energy waste to minimize consumption and cost
  • Optimize load usage now and into the future

True, an audit could point toward costly remedies: major capital investments your customer may be unable to swing in this uncertain economy. Using a different approach, however, you can help your customer save many kilowatt hours (kWh)-and lots of cash-by investing time, but with little or no capital investment.

Starting with a low-cost energy audit, you can institute an energy efficiency program that puts easy money back into your customer's budget. You don't have to replace your car's drive train to make it run better. A tune-up may be all it needs. The same applies to buildings and factories...

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