Fluke - Implementing an infrared thermography maintenance program

Our thanks to Fluke for allowing us to reprint the following article.
By John Snell, Snell Infrared

"I have my thermal imager. Now what do I do?"

Growing a successful infrared program involves planning and action. This document outlines steps that will help you grow your thermography program into a key part of the way your company does business.

Getting started:

  • Gain support from management
  • Send management a summary of what you learned in thermography training and your ideas for what can happen next. Communicate what you would like in the way of support and find out how thermography performance results will be measured.

  • Practice reading thermographic images
  • Aim for using the camera 2-3 times each week over the next six months to gain expertise. Plan your work, track your findings, and document your results from the beginning...

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