Fluke - Detecting Problems In Buildings Using Thermal Imagers

Our thanks to Fluke Corp. for allowing us to reprint the following article.
By Regan Brown and David Brown for Fluke

From storm damage to everyday plumbing and roof leaks, moisture damage in residential and commercial buildings can be very expensive. The key is identifying and locating moisture problems before secondary damages escalate.

Within the last few years, thermal imagers have become powerful tools for locating moisture problems in buildings. Instead of searching for moisture inch-by-inch with a moisture meter, a thermal imager provides the ability to scan an entire room in a matter of minutes. By locating the thermal changes from evaporative moisture cooling (EMC) in drywall, carpet, ceiling tiles, etc., inspectors can moisture map the entire building and isolate problems before providing an estimate for remediation.

This article discusses the parameters and limitations when using thermal imagers to detect moisture inside buildings and homes...

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