Fluke - Cut Your Production Costs with an Energy Measuring Station

Our thanks to Fluke for allowing us to reprint the following article.
By Ron Auvil, Fluke Corporation

Many of my clients are looking at reducing operational costs of their production equipment. By evaluating the energy at each piece of equipment, they can make decisions regarding operational patterns of the equipment. One of the more exciting projects I have worked on in a long time is an energy measuring station, or "energy cart."

What the customer wanted was a portable station on wheels that could be easily moved between production machines. The cart would carry a central laptop computer and various data-gathering devices that could be used to measure different conditions at each piece of equipment. The laptop would collect data from the devices and store it in a usable format, such as a SQL database.

The Measuring Situations

Electrical. Electrical monitoring and metering includes current and voltage of all phases. Any imbalances or faults are recorded as well. The electrical metering information is collected and stored on the laptop for retrieval later...

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