Fluke - Can Electricians Plug Into the Electric Vehicle Market?

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You probably haven't seen one yet on the road-or even in the showroom.

But in eerie silence, electric vehicles are rolling our way. They run and rely on the same electric power resources that electricians know and live by. So do electric vehicles (EVs) bring an opportunity for new business . . . or are they just a dream, already running on empty? Some big players are betting on the opportunity side.

With a touching commercial featuring a globe-roaming, grateful polar bear, Nissan has introduced its all-electric Leaf, with range up to 100 miles or more. GM has the Chevrolet Volt, which runs up to 40 miles in electric mode before its auxiliary gas motor kicks on to recharge the batteries. Tesla offers a hot rod electric roadster, with a sedan in the works. Toyota will soon introduce a plug-in version of its Prius hybrid. The Mitsubishi "i" is expected to hit the market during the fall of 2011, when Ford will have an electric Focus. Navistar, Ford, Smith Electric Vehicles, and Miles Electric offer electric delivery trucks-or soon will...

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