Fluke - Accessories after the fact: Getting the most from your meter

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Choosing the right digital multimeter requires some thought and research, but once you've made a decision there's something else you need to carefully consider - accessories. A complement of accessories can bring out the versatility of a digital multimeter, instantly changing it from a voltage meter to a current meter to a thermometer - and more. The key to getting the most out of your instrument is selecting the accessories that best fit your workload. And, just as you took pains to choose a high-quality digital multimeter, you'll want to select high-quality accessories to gain the most from your instrument investment.

Many categories of accessories exist, from different types of test probes to a variety of protective cases and carrying devices. The specific accessories you need depend both on what you're going to test and the environment in which you plan to use your instrument. This article provides an overview of the types of accessories available and explains which ones are best suited for different types of workloads.

What are you going to test?

The first question to ask when choosing multimeter accessories is what parameters you need to test. For each parameter (voltage, temperature, etc.), a wide range of test probes is available, each designed for a specific type of test environment. Following is an overview of the types of probes available for each type of multimeter functionality...

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