Fluke - 289/FVF Helps To Develop High-Voltage Sources

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Founded in 1997, LIFETECH S.R.O.-based in Brno, Czech Republic-develops, designs and distributes equipment for water and air treatment and purification. It produces a range of treatment systems, including ozone generators for sanitizing air in homes and offices, and UV reactors for disinfecting (for example) swimming pools. The company also services its equipment, as well as equipment made by other manufacturers. Lifetech has about twenty employees overall, with five in the Development Department.

Miroslav Zemánek is a developer at Lifetech S.R.O. There, he and his colleagues in the department work on new processes that will help improve air and water quality. The company has recently, for example, developed a system that uses ozone gas (which has long been used for disinfecting water) for air treatment. The department therefore needs to study the effectiveness and efficiency of ozone generators. Similarly, it studies UV lamps and reactors for water purifiers (helping to reduce the amount of chlorine needed in swimming pools, for example).

Mr. Zemánek specializes in developing high-voltage sources and technologies, and is particularly involved with all matters concerning regulations. His work involves testing tasks that range from making output checks of finished products through to testing installations...

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