Brady - Equipment Reliability Made Simple: Effective Labeling Enhances Asset Performance

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By Chris Rutter, Senior Marketing Manager, Brady Worldwide, Inc.


Manufacturers on the lean journey are discovering how critically important it is to stabilize and optimize equipment performance.

While lean initiatives can deliver significant advantages, they can also mean you'll need to improve equipment reliability. If you reduce inventory, for example, you won't have as much buffer stock to fall back on in the event of a breakdown, and you'll need to depend even more on your equipment to function properly.

Many companies are also realizing that reliable production processes and equipment can be a key competitive advantage. In fact, it's one of the few differentiators that you can leverage and sustain over the long term. In many industries, competitors all have access to the same technology and equipment. But if you can maintain that equipment at a higher level, you can create a sustainable competitive advantage for your company...

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