Brady - 5 Steps to An Effective Lockout Program

Our thanks to Brady for allowing us to reprint the following article.
By Tom Campbell, Sr. Marketing Manager, Brady Corporation

You've got some safety padlocks and lockout tags, a small assortment of circuit breaker and valve lockout devices, and you may have even wall-mounted several lockout stations in your facility. So you should be covered for the OSHA Lockout/Tagout inspection, right? And you should be good to go with your employees, correct?

Did you know that during OSHA's 2010 fiscal year none of the top five most frequently OSHA-cited sections of its Control of Hazardous Energy standard were specifically about the protective materials and hardware (namely the safety padlocks and lockout devices)?

Instead, the top five cited sections concern:

  1. Failure to establish and implement a written PROGRAM
  2. Failure to develop, document and utilize PROCEDURES
  3. Failure to conduct a PERIODIC INSPECTION of the energy control procedure
  4. Failure to provide TRAINING as described by OSHA
  5. Failure to clearly OUTLINE the SCOPE and rules to be utilized, and the means to ENFORCE compliance.

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