Ansell - The Right Gloves for the Task at Hand

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By Bill Bennett, Associate Director of Brand/Product Marketing, and Don West, Senior Marketing Manager, Ansell

Protective Products Maintenance workers wear many hats and often perform tasks spontaneously, which means they may not be wearing the hand protection they need.

Maintenance workers perform many job tasks. For example, a worker might repair a machine before moving on to diagnose an electrical problem. He may work with conveyance systems or heating and air conditioning units, make structural repairs and perform routine tasks such as cleaning - depending on whether he is skilled or unskilled.

Because of the many tasks that are part of their jobs, maintenance workers often suffer a variety of hand injuries, from cuts and abrasions to punctures and chemical burns. These individuals are more likely to be non-compliant than other employees because they often work barehanded when they do not have the hand protection they need for the task.

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