American Beauty - Lead-Free Soldering. Are you Ready?

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Lead-free solders present problems primarily because of the higher melt temperatures that are often required and the increased percentage of tin that is being used to manufacture several of these solder alloys.

Resistance Soldering Systems tackle the issue of higher melt temperatures.

Resistance soldering equipment gives you the ability to develop an intense, localized level of heat directly where required so that the actual soldering takes place quickly and with less heat dissipation into the solder joint. (Heat dissipation into the 'work' is the usual cause of unnecessary damage during soldering operations.) In some instances resistance soldering equipment offers the only process available that can reach the required temperature quickly and accurately enough to avoid thermal damage to heat sensitive materials or components. You can see why many companies are turning to American Beauty Resistance Soldering Systems in the face of a Pb-Free environment!

The principles behind resistance soldering are very simple to understand. In laymen's terms, our systems create a circuit whereby a safe, low-voltage, highamperage, AC current flows from our power unit, through our hand piece, into the 'work' and back. The very 'tips' of our hand pieces (the electrodes) are manufactured out of a highly electrically resistive material, while the rest of the electrical 'trip' occurs over a path with a much lower resistance coefficient...

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