AEMC® Instruments - The Importance of a Structured Cabling Tester - Identifying a fault and its location at the same time

Reprinted courtesy AEMC® Instruments

The growth in network and communication systems has increased the demand for organization’s to implement a detailed well-organized structured cabling infrastructure. The need to store information centrally continually increases as advancements in technology continue to develop. Organizations need to be wired for sharing information centrally as well as for voice and data storage and retrieval. Telecommunications and data communications are becoming more complex. This continuous increase in technology adds to the complexity of a structured cabling system and the importance to manage its infrastructure.

A key tool in implementing an internal cabling system, which is designed, managed and controlled effectively, is a Structured Cabling Tester, or Wire Map testers as they are often called.

The process of pulling cables and completing the trim outs will, without a doubt, incur some faults. They will consist of opens or shorts resulting from wire damage during the pulling operation or crossed, reversed, open or shorted terminations during the trim out operation...

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