Pace Pace

Pace Rework Station, MBT-350, Dual Technology, TD-100

  • Techni-Tool Part #: 612SO454
  • Mfg Part #: 8007-0454
  • Sold per: EACH
  • Estimated weight: 26 lb
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  • Now you can get two heating technologies in one unit. The MBT 350 allows either SensaTemp or Tip Heater Cartridge handpieces to be plugged into any of 3 continuously active channels. A temperature range can be programmed into the unit allowing operator flexibility without access to the entire heat range. Setback and Auto-Off features extend tip life and reduce operating costs. Includes vacuum/pressure pump for desoldering.
  • Specifications:

    Power Requirements: 120VAC, 60 Hz (240 watts max)
    Tip to ground resistance: <2©
    Set Temperature Range: 37-482°C (100-900°F) SensaTemp, 205-454°C (400-850°F) Tip Heater Compatible Handpieces
    Can be used with 8 different handpieces.

    Includes: TD-100 Thermo-Drive Iron, MT-100 MiniTweez, SX-100 Heavy-Duty Sodr-X-Tractor. Lead Free Compatible. (8007-0454).
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