Metcal Metcal

Metcal Scorpion Rework System, w/ Standard Reflow Head

  • Techni-Tool Part #: 551SO1199
  • Mfg Part #: APR-1100-SRS
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  • Estimated weight: 0 lb
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  • The rework of complex array packages requires simultaneous viewing of PCB pads and component balls to ensure accurate placement. The Scorpion Advanced Package Rework System solves the problem with a new dual image overlay vision system featuring LED lighting both top and bottom for shadow-free visualization and precise alignment of even the smallest micro-devices. Two-headed modular design lets you tailor the system to your specific rework needs. Open-ended board holder fits an assortment of large, small and odd-shaped boards for precise positioning over the patented dual subzone preheater. Standard auto-profile mode ensures fast and easy profile creation for a wide variety of boards with a minimum of setup time - then saves them in memory for future use. Source temperatures and time intervals can be modified on the fly, so you don't need to wait for the current profile to terminate before modifications can be made. Accepts the full range of Metcal APR and QX series reflow nozzles. Flux transfer plates and solder paste plates are available to ensure repeatable process control during the replacement operation. Includes: Standard Reflow Head for placement accuracy to 0.004" (.1mm), Integrated PC Controller and HD Component Placement Camera.
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