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50% off ESD casters with Bevco ESD chairs

BUY an ESD chair in any of these series:

INTEGRA - 9000 Series Deluxe ESD & ESD/Cleanroom Seating
BEVCO’s Integra series is an upholstered chair that offers around-the-clock reliability designed to meet the needs of a variety of workplace environments. This upholstered seating solution provides the most versatility, durability and overall seating enjoyment. The Integra makes working easy!

EVERLAST - 7000 Silver Series - ESD & ESD/Cleanroom Polyurethane Seating
BEVCO’s Everlast series is specifically designed for outstanding comfort and long-lasting use in the toughest workplace environments. These durable chairs offer total body support with advanced ergonomic features that improve productivity and reduce fatigue.  Not all polyurethane is created equal, experience why BEVCO’s is the best!

DORAL – 5000 Series ESD/Cleanroom and 8000 Series ESD Upholstered Seating
BEVCO’s Doral series offers a utilitarian design with ergonomic features that adjust to fit most body types and workstations. The Doral comes standard with a small production-style back to provide optimal lumbar support for increased comfort during extended sitting durations. Specifically, users that have a petite-to-average build will truly enjoy this seating experience.

 WESTMOUND - 4000ECR Series ESD/Cleanroom Seating
BEVCO’s Westmound series offers a wide contoured seat for increased seating comfort and a curved backrest for improved lumbar support. It also offers a scuff-resistant back pan for durability. The resilient high-density foam provides years of long-lasting comfort and support.

VERSA – 3000 ESD & ESD/Cleanroom Backless Stools
The sturdy construction and modern design of the Versa series makes these backless stools ideal for a wide range of applications, including those for the general office, medical, laboratory and factory environments.

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