Greenlee Greenlee

Greenlee Digital LAN Tracing Kit, Tone and Probe

  • Techni-Tool Part #: 414TE802
  • Mfg Part #: 802K
  • Sold per: EACH
  • Estimated weight: 1 lb
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  • 802K Digital LAN Tone and Probe Tracing Kit
    Performs a wide range of basic wiring tests. Traces Cat 5 high-performance cables. Checks for working LAN jacks. 200 FP probe includes AC hum filtering. LED for visual signal strength indication. Continuous on feature. Powerful rear-fire speaker. Selectable normal or filter operation. Adjustable sensitivity/volume control to increase tracing accuracy. AT8L LAN toner provides digital interaction with LAN hubs and switches. Checks for shorts and service voltages. Splitable tone connections for tracking CAT5/6 LAN cable. LAN hub tracking with activity light blinking, LAN hub detection. Checks for Ethernet. Selectable tracing tones. Low batter indicator. Includes instruction manuals.
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