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FLIR Model T620 IR Camera, 640x480 Res, w/25 Degree Lens

  • Techni-Tool Part #: 355TE6201
  • Mfg Part #: Flir T620
  • Sold per: EACH
  • Estimated weight: 15.06 lb
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  • User-friendly and loaded with top-of-the-line features you’re sure to love, the T-Series thermal imaging cameras combine excellent ergonomics with the ultimate image clarity and accuracy, making it easier to get through challenging inspections and the busiest schedules.

    * Highest IR Resolution in Its Class – Crisp thermal images with 307,200 pixels (640 × 480) for the best detection, pictures, and temperature measurements from long range (T620 & T640).

    * New! GPS – Automatically adds location data to images for including in reports (live link in FLIR Tools Reports to Google Maps) (T620 & T640).

    * Wi-Fi Connectivity – Send images and data to smartphones and tablets and share critical information quickly with the FLIR Tools Mobile for Apple® and Android™, featuring live video streaming and remote control via the mobile device.

    * Accuracy – Calibrated within +/– 2°C or +/– 2% of reading

    * Advanced Optics – A range of lens options includes our new, light 7° telephoto lens that provides astounding clarity, accuracy, and portability for imaging overhead and distant targets.

    * Scalable P-i-P and Thermal Fusion – Blend thermal with visible light images onscreen; includes picture-in-picture window sizing.

    * Multiple Measurements – Report all the details with up to 10 measurement spots, 5 box areas, Delta T temperature differential, isotherm, and auto hot/cold markers.

    * METERLiNK® – Wirelessly transmit vital diagnostic data from FLIR Test instruments directly to the camera for annotating thermal images to further support findings and decisions.

    MSX Thermal Image Enhancement - MSX adds key details from the onboard visible light camera to the entire infrared image in real time. The result: an all-in-one thermal picture with numbers, labels, and other structural features intact so you'll instantly recognize where an issue is.

    * Annotation – Add voice comments via Bluetooth headset and text notes from the touchscreen keypad.

    * InstantReport – Create PDF document directly from the camera

    Includes: SD Memory Card, 100-260V AC adaptor/charger, two Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, 2-bay battery charger, power supply (with multi-plugs), FLIR Tools™ software, USB cable, video cable, Bluetooth® headset, lens cap, neckstrap, and hard case
  • Specifications:

    * Temperature Range: -40° to 1202°F (-40° to 650°C)
    * Continuous Digital Zoom: 4X
    *Detector Resolution (pixels): 640 x 480
    * Built-in Touch Screen: 4.3" color LCD
    * Frame Rate: 30HZ
    * Field of View/Min Focus: 25° x 19° / 9.8” (0.25m)
    * Thermal Sensitivity (NETD): <0.040°C at 30°C
    * Focus: Manual/Automatic
    * Image Modes: Thermal/Visual/PIP/Fusion/MSX
    * Lens: 25° (optional 6: 7° & 15° Tele, 45° Wide; Close-up: 80, 100, 50?m
    * Measurement Modes: 10 Spotmeters, 5 Area Boxes/circles,Isotherm, Auto hot/cold spot, Delta T
    * Weight (including battery): 2.87 lbs (1.3 kg)
    •  5-10-2 Protection: 5 years coverage on battery, 10 years coverage on detector, 2 years parts/labor coverage on camera
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