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FLIR E40sc Benchtop Test Kit E40 IR, Stand, ResearchIR

  • Techni-Tool Part #: 355TE5940
  • Mfg Part #: 355TE5940
  • Sold per: EACH
  • Estimated weight: 17.7 lb
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  • No one can afford costly product recalls and do-overs caused by inadequate temperature measurement devices. Thermocouples and spot temp guns only measure one point at a time, so you’re limited to a best guess of where the right measurement points might be. Now FLIR’s developed an alternative that lets you know exactly where to measure, trust your findings every time, and become far more productive.

    With the infrared camera in a FLIR Bench Top Test Kit you can detect thousands of measurement points in each thermal image and get reliable data in seconds. Factor in the kit’s time vs. temperature plotting software, and you have a dependable infrared solution to help paint the complete picture and get it right the first time.

    Spot-on Detection—± 2% accuracy with down to <0.07°C sensitivity lets you see the fine thermal variations necessary for critical documentation.

    Optics—View an entire printed circuit board with the wide field-of-view lens.

    Portable & Easy-to-Operate—Light, compact camera takes up little bench space and can be easily moved to other test stations for fast, intuitive, mobile data acquisition and analysis.

    On-Camera Measurement Analysis—Spot and area measurement tools built into the touchscreen interface provide quick temperature analysis on live thermal imagery or recorded snapshots.

    Movie Recording & Data Logging—Stream to a PC via USB or Wi-Fi to display, record, and further analyze images. Chart time vs. temperature for spot and area measurements with the kit’s real-time ResearchIR software.

    MSX™ Thermal Image Enhancement—MSX adds key details from the onboard visible light camera to the entire infrared image in real time. The result: all-in-one thermal picture with numbers, labels and other structural features intact so you’ll instantly recognize where the heat issue is.

    Kit includes: E40sc thermal imaging camera, 25° lens, Li-ion battery and charger, SD memory card, power supply, USB and video cables, stylus, lens cap, tripod adapter, ResearchIR Software, and hard case. PLUS a Bonus Exclusively from Techni-Tool: Heavy-Duty Benchtop Stand with Camera Mount and a 4 oz. Cleaning Kit
  • Specifications:

             Resolution: 160 x 120

             Total Pixels: 19,200

             Thermal Sensitivity: <0.07°C

             Temperature Range: -4°F to 1,202°F (-20°C to 650°C)

             Zoom: 2x Continuous Digital

             3 MP Video Camera w/Lamp: Yes

             Picture-in-Picture: Fixed

             Moveable Spots: 3

             Box Areas: 3

             Delta T: Yes

             Annotation: Voice/Text: Yes

             MPEG4 Video Recording: Yes

             Wi-Fi to iPhone/ipad: Yes

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